Static Data Help
  • What does static player data mean?
    Static data means that player stats can never be updated or added, if it doesn't already exist. All leaderboards, stats, etc. are from February 2017 or earlier.
  • Why aren't my stats on your site?
    Because it's not possible for me to grab all players who have ever played on Mineplex, my website stored data when players searched them between December 2016 and February 2017. If you were never searched during this time, you will not appear on leaderboards, and your data will not be available.
  • My stats are on your site, why aren't they updating?
    As previously explained, stats can never be updated as long as the Mineplex API is private.
  • Why is data static?
    The Mineplex API, a service that powered the site, went private. This means that I no longer have access to retrieve players' stats.
  • Will the API ever become public again?
    Currently, the API will be private for the forseeable future. This means that data will remain static until further notice.