Hi, I'm Spencer
I'm currently a Software Engineer at Microsoft, working within Outlook.

I recently graduated with a Computer Science major from Michigan State University in Spring 2021.

I've been a self-taught programmer since middle school.

Most recently before graduation, I was a Software Engineer Intern at Microsoft.
I worked on modernizing the "calendar apps" feature in Outlook Mobile, by replatforming it into a more modern service.

Before that, I was also a Software Development Engineer Intern at Amazon.
I worked on enforcing customer activity controls in recommendations, on the scale of millions of calls per minute.

Additionally, I worked at TechSmith as a Software Engineering Intern.
I helped work on a new WPF-based video recorder, designed a react dashboard for the video encoder, contributed towards a youtube-like react app, and worked on its legacy angular app.

I also worked on many internal staff tools at Mineplex, including complex Minecraft and Slack bots, data analysis and visualization, and other quality of life tools.